Saturday, December 01, 2007

I always remembered in secondary four, Mr Terence Goh, my form teacher, told the class that JC would be the most challenging period of our education. Once we get through that, university would be a bliss. HOW WRONG IS THAT!!

I can't believe the sheer amount of time I've put in studying for the year-end exams. Still remembered that my dad was rather worried when I stayed over in school for the first time during week 7 or 8. Now I have been staying over so often that he would just say 'Remember to bring your toothbrush'. Hougang Mac and SMU are the other favourite haunts of us NUS Hougang Bizaders. My life is basically rotting at these places. But I am really glad that I have completed four papers with the last one coming up on Tues. Then I would be officially free!!

History paper was terrible. I was basically stunned for about 10 mins wondering which questions I should pick. In the end I chose this question that I remembered vaguely, 'How would you describe the social pathogens that lurked under the glided veneers of the European society after the Great War of 1914-1918?' coupled with some French words here and there. Hahah dun understand right? Neither do I. can see how desperate I was during the exam. But somehow still managed to crap out about 8 pages. Hope I dun do too badly!

The rest of the papers were manageable bordering hard, so I am really hoping very hard!! Have to go back to mugging for my last paper, hope everything goes well and I would be officially free on Tues (not inclusive of my golf practical exam on Wed. Must go watch more youtube so that I can improve on my swing shots).

Monday, November 05, 2007

Oh gosh, I just finished 1 chapter of my history notes. 5 more to go!! Hate studying for history.. never understand what the lecturer and tutor (who is the same person) is saying, dun understand the notes, dun understand the textbook. Dunno how I am going to do for the mid-term test on Wed. Must buck up!!

Was feeling miserable for the whole of Thurs and Fri after receiving my Statistic results. I was way below the mean. In fact I was way below Q1. So upset that I canceled golf and took a cab home. Then had to 'fight' with the rest of the class to answer questions during Stats class to gain more participation points. In the end also answered everything wrongly. But never mind, as long as I get the participation points. Yay!

But feeling better already, cause the lecturer personally emailed me on Sat to tell me that she tabulated my marks wrongly, so my marks 'improved' by 9 points, higher than mean already. Couldn't believe how fortunate I was. Summore the lecturer said there were only 2 mistakes, so was quite glad to be one of them, except that the other one was the top girl in my class. Thot with my increase, I could match her grades, but she told me this afternoon that hers improved by a further 4 marks. Darn! But its okie, she's a fellow NJCian too!

Right now, I am rather satisfied with my grades, which I rather not reveal here. I have decided not to give myself too much pressure to do well cause I have been pushing myself too hard recently. I actually don't sleep an average of 1 night each week so that I can rush through projects and tests. No weekend outings for a long time also. Everyday's just mugging and more mugging. Its the whole Bizad culture I guess, everyone is just so competitive. Like for managerial econs, the mean was 26 upon 30 and for stats the mean was 30 upon 40. Everyone is just chionging really hard right now such that if I don't do as much work as them each day I will feel guilty.

Everyone was complaining about the amount of work that we have to do on the train just now, as compared to other schools and other faculties. Of course we can't ascertain the real situation outside of our fac, but it just seems that Bizad people have more work to do than anyone else. Reports, projects, assignments, mid-term tests. It's just a never-ending cycle of more and more work.

And yet they say grades aren't everything. Haiz, think my 2 CCAs are not enough. I am still looking at opportunities where I can take part to spruce up my resume. A bit too pragmatic, but I've got no other choice. Think I may sign up for another 1 or 2 CCAs. But for now, I just wish I can get through my History Mid-term with good grades.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh happy happy!! I managed to get through dreaded Wednesday, where I had my Treaty of Versailles debate and my marketing presentation. Still can't believe I've finished both, cause I had spent so much time preparing for these 2 presentations. Slept only an average of 3 - 4 hours each night for a few days and I DIN GET TO SLEEP AT ALL on the night before the presentation. Still feeling quite sore about my group members, whom I stress are able to SU the mod due to them not being Bizad students. Luckily the adrenaline was enough to keep me awake till 3pm, where the lesson ended.

I am super behind schedule now. Missed a total of 7 lectures in 3 weeks, so trying to make it up now with the webcasts (for those with webcasts). I really wonder how my classmates spend their time. Mine is used for studying and projects everyday. It's so bad that my only TV time is on the bus, where I can watch my VCDs thru PSP. Speaking of VCDs, GOSH, Jumong is super exciting!! Must-watch!

I needa go out!! I haven stepped on Orchard Rd since school started (not including the 1 hr I spent there rushing to evaluate Borders and Kino for marketing assignment). I have even been to my favourite Suntec for weeks! I need a break!

2 presentations down, just left with 1 final Stats project and 1 history mid-term test before the start of the year-end tests!! Hurray~

Monday, October 15, 2007

Okie I am getting a bit worried now. My management science result is totally unexpected. The marks are either given to me wrongly, or that there are typo issues or that everyone got around the same marks as me.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh gosh, I am so upset right now. Totally screwed up my Management Science mid-term. Think I got 3 out of 4 qns wrong, and it accounts for 45% of my module! Really v v v upset, cause I studied super hard for it.

The worst thing is that I know how to do all four questions, but I was so panicky during the paper that I made so many careless mistakes. I immediately realised how careless I was when I started to think abt my work the moment I submitted my paper. All very careless mistakes. I hope it wun result in me getting a screwed-up grade. Hopefully a miracle happens.

Really feeling damn down at the moment. No more motivation for the rest of my papers and project.

Super irritated and pissed at myself.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just got back my first two graded assignments. Got a 8 and 8.5 upon 10 for both. Sounds okie but compared to the rest of the class it doesn't seem to be too good. Better buck up from now, next week aiming for 9 marks!

My very very first mid-term test is coming up this Wed. This is bad, considering the fact that I know nuts about it. Really regret choosing the History module. I go to class knowing nothing and leave class still knowing nothing. I copy my lecture notes knowing nothing, and I read my text knowing nothing. I am so screwed. Reserved 10 hours to mug 4 chapters, and the test is only half an hour with 25 MCQs! Wad a waste of my time. Irritating.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh I just finished watching till ep 20 of Lovely Complex. Woah, super good. In fact I wasn't planning to watch anymore, cause I got kinda sick of waiting for the eps, but after watching it again I felt pulled in again, back to the very first day when I watched the show. It's just so damn good! Soo Chin, WK, please carry on watching k, confirm wun regret one! I even pangseh homework to watch the show lor, very worth it!

Aiyah still have a lot of work to do lor. And that's beside my tuitions, CCAs, and my case and stock competitions. Stress stress stress. Luckily got through my Econs presentation today. Damn suay got to present the hardest tutorial ever. Never even study before in JC!! Luckily crapped through, tutor never scold. Heng ah!

But really too shagged after lesson, so I immediately rushed back home to cheong sleep, and now just woke up to do some readings and complete my tutorial. Ah, busy busy busy. Later on still got consecutive 6 hrs tutorial followed by mugging session. Argh, damn shiong!

NVM, got Otani spirit!